Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spanish interpreter (Olympia)*

State-certified medical interpreter and American Translator Association (ATA) Certified Translator (certified for Spanish-to-English translations and for English-to-Spanish translations), offering interpreting services in greater Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia. Over ten years of experience.

Areas of specialization: health care, immigration, education.

Preferred interpretation mode: simultaneous

Rates: $80/hour ($60/hour for schools, governments, or non-profit agencies), including travel time (per mapquest, usually to and from Olympia) and any wait times between scheduled start time and actual end time; no minimum charge (except for no-show of one of the parties, or for cancellations received after travel has begun); charges billed by quarter hour (0-15 min. = 0.25 hr, 16-30 min. = 0.5 hr, etc.)

American Express, MasterCard (Maestro), VISA, Discover, and UnionPay welcome

Call for availability. (If you are still scheduling a meeting with a client, for best results, pick three dates and times that will work for you, and chances are that one of those will also work for your client and for me.)

Thank you.

Chris Marquardt, CT
Spanish Pronto

*Time from posting to "flagged and removed" on Craigslist: 92 minutes (10:27 p.m. on a Friday night to 11:59 p.m.) Posted correctly in the Olympia section of Seattle craigslist, and in translation section of "services offered" (there is no "interpreting" section, and virtually everyone calls interpreters "translators"). The rates are my true and customary rates. The service area is the one clients are willing to hire me in at these rates. There is not so much as a link to my website (even though a normal reading of the TOU would have allowed it). Meanwhile, overposters (same ad posted daily, or same ad posted in many cities simultaneously) in the same category remain untouched.

Verdict: Craigslist continues to be plagued with overzealous flaggers who flag for reasons other than violations of the TOU. Craigslist continues to be ineffective against them, unnecessarily driving out legitimate advertisers offering legitimate services in an open and honest way.

It was worth another try. Even restaurant reviewers go back more than once to the restaurant they are reviewing. Unfortunately, nothing has changed since the last review.